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We are pleased to present the new generation of paper sticks.
The latest findings on environmental influences have prompted us to reactivate our paper stick production.

In a partnership with Türeller Makina Sanayi Ltd in Turkey, we now offer paper sticks at an attractive price and in high quality, which can be processed on all standardized swab machines.

In addition to the paper sticks, we supply you with plastic sticks in all different weights and colours. So you get the whole product range from one source and in one delivery.

Technical Data for Paper Sticks
Length 72.5 ±0.5 mm
Diameter 2.5 ±0.1 mm
Weight 330 g / 1000 pcs ±5%
Color White
Technical Data for Plastic Sticks
Length 72.5 ±0.1 mm
Diameter 2.5 ±0.1 mm
Weight 0.15 gr / 0.16 gr / 0.17 gr / 0.18 gr / 0.21 gr
Color According to the wish of the customer