Falu paper stick machine

Paper Stick Machine

We are proud to announce that our PRX paper sticks machine used for various applications such as cotton ear buds, cosmetic swabs, safety swabs (baby swabs) and lollipops, was officially released to the market in January 2022 and since then is successfully operating across Europe. Its inline concept significantly reduces logistic and handling costs.

The machine produces up to 3’000 sticks per minute allowing a harmonized operation with the newest cotton swab machine CB1. In case the swab machine in operation has a lower capacity, the integrated buffer unit and packing station allow to utilize the excess capacity by packing the sticks in carton boxes.

The Falu PRX machine has 0% process related waste, making it the most economic machine on the market with a quick pay-back. If you are interested in a business case for your specific setup, please feel free to get in touch with us.