Paper sticks

The Falu PRX is a fully automatic machine designed for the production of biodegradable and compostable paper sticks. These sticks are used for a variety of applications such as cotton swabs, cosmetic swabs, safety swabs (baby swabs) and lollipops.

This machine has three main components: a forming unit, a drying unit, and a buffer zone with a packing unit. The machine begins by pulling conditioned paper through the device. This paper must be cut and sized to the dimensions of the machine, which varies depending on the nature of the stick.

Depending on the required diameter of the stick, the machine will cut the paper accordingly to be transported through the wheel. After the sticks are formed, they are transferred to the drying unit where any excess humidity will be removed. Once the sticks are dry, they continue to the buffer zone allowing an inline production that harmonizes the capacity of two machines (example: stick and swab). This unit also feeds the dried sticks into a packing unit for carton boxes to be used for cotton swab machines in a traditional way.

The machine has the capacity to produce up to 3,000 sticks per minute and due to our uniquely designed process, we have managed to keep the paper waste at 0%.

Technical Data
Production Speed Up to 3,000 sticks per minute
Paper roll Roll diameter, incl. core: max 1200mm
Stick Size According to your requirements
Buffer size Approx. 75’000 sticks, i.e. 2,5 cartons, enough for approx. 30’ swab machine production time (depending on the swab machine speed)
Cardboard Box Dimensions: L 230 mm x W 80 mm x H 800 mm Containing approx. 30’000 sticks Filling time incl. handling of the box: up to 5 minutes.
Layout Different layout options of the line are possible, we can offer a customized arrangement fitting your production space.