Welcome to Falu! We are a highly specialized machine manufacturing company based in Switzerland serving clients all around the world.  Our almost 60 years of experience producing semi and fully automatic machines for the production and packaging of cotton swabs, cotton pads and paper stick machines used across the health, beauty, and food industries positions us as a global leader.

Our mission is to create innovative reliable machinery that produce minimal waste and have a lifespan exceeding 40 years. To support this mission, we have a maintenance and spare parts solutions that provide customers the reassurance that our machines operate efficiently at optimal speed for years to come.

Falu offers our clients a sustainable business model with a focus on total cost of ownership and an emphasis to create long-term partnerships. Our operations are based in Rüti, Switzerland, where we maintain the highest level of engineering design, manufacturing, and assembly with our specialized technicians. Our drive for excellence and unparallel customer service has enabled us to maintain global leadership in this industry.

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We invite you to watch our video trailer below which gives you a brief introduction to our machines and a glimpse at our offices.

Falu machines all over the world

Our machines are present in more than 80 countries around the world. This is a testament to the design, functionality and quality of our machines, and is only achievable with our unparalleled customer service.

Business Solutions
Paper Sticks

Paper Stick Machines

Our paper stick machine is a fully automated production line that has pushed the boundaries on output, stick durability, and waste reduction. The PRX serves customers in the health, beauty, and the food industry. This machine is designed and assembled in Switzerland receiving the highest standards in engineering and assembly.

Falu CB1

Cotton Swab Machines

Our machine solutions serving the cotton swab industry consist of both production and packaging machinery. These machines share a similar lifespan averaging over 40 years in high-volume production environments and are designed and assembled in Switzerland.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Our Spare Parts Department works with our customers to ensure proper maintenance routines and spare parts inventory, with the goal to avoid machine breakdowns and minimize service intervals. In addition, we also can provide technical maintenance solutions or machine upgrades creating a long-term sustainable business with a focus on total cost of ownership.

Falu WR-600-V

Cotton Pad Machines

Our solution to manufacture cotton pads consists of semi automatic and fully automatic machines intended to optimize speed and output. Our innovative design offers customized solutions for embossing and pad size/design. These machines share a similar lifespan averaging over 40 years in high-volume production environments and are designed and assembled in Switzerland.


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