Cotton Swabs Packing

Our range of packaging machines offer a variety of options in terms of raw materials and size. These include but are not limited to, cardboard, polybags, round plastic boxes, square plastic boxes and blister packs. Customized solutions are available upon request.

All machines are designed to integrate with our cotton swab CB1-4.1 production machine and are interchangeable throughout the production line making it possible to amend your production lines as required.

Our spare parts department works with our customers to ensure proper maintenance routines and spare parts inventory with the goal to promote efficiency and longevity of each machine.

These machines share a similar lifespan averaging over 40 years in high-volume production environments and are designed and assembled in Switzerland.

Special Solutions

The following options are available in combination with cotton swab packaging machines:

  • Packaging of flip top boxes
  • Packaging of flow packs
  • Further options are under development
  • Additional options can be developed upon your request, please tell us your requirements