FALU entered into a partnership with the company Türeller Makina Sanayi Ltd in Turkey for the production and distribution of Paper Sticks and Plastic Sticks.


Falu took over the cotton swab and packaging machine division of  Bellini&Meda in Italy using further their production capacity and know how.


The company was moved to bigger and better equipped locations in Rüti, Canton Zurich.


Karl Fassbind  – by now 75 years old – sold the company to Guy Petignat who today is the majority owner.
Guy Petignat, an engineer who graduated at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich and held several top management positions in large international corporations continued the work of his foregoer successfully. Today the range of Falu-products cover a complete range of cotton swab machines, cotton pad machines and packaging machines adapted to the individual need of different customers.


With the growth of the demand for its machines Falu moved to bigger premises in Wagen, canton St. Gallen, where construction, production and assembly could be realised at the same place. Over the years additional premises were built among others a big assembly hall.


Falu was founded by Karl Fassbind-Ludwig as an office based engineering consultancy. After having constructed and built the first cotton swab machine the company focussed on the development and production of machines for the production of cotton products. Within a short time Falu became an internationally estimated partner for producers of cotton products selling its machines worldwide.
Knowing and continually improving the cotton swab production technology Falu started to widen its range of products to the production of cotton pad and packaging machines.

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