Paper sticks

The Falu PRX is our latest machine designed for the production and supply of finished paper sticks. This machine has three main components: a paper stick forming unit, a drying unit, and a buffer with a packing unit.

The stick forming unit operates by pulling conditioned paper through the device, then adding a small amount of liquid to wind the paper tightly together to create a sealed roll. The machine then cuts the rolls into omnidirectional orientation sticks, which are then sealed and put through the drying unit to remove any excess humidity. Once the sticks are dry, they are transferred to the buffer zone, either for packaging or to be fed into the swab machine.

Technical Data
Production Speed Up to 3,000 sticks per minute
Paper roll Roll diameter, incl. core: max 1200mm
Stick Size According to your requirements
Buffer size Approx. 75’000 sticks, i.e. 2,5 cartons, enough for approx. 30’ swab machine production time (depending on the swab machine speed)
Cardboard Box Dimensions: L 230 mm x W 80 mm x H 800 mm Containing approx. 30’000 sticks Filling time incl. handling of the box: up to 5 minutes.
Layout Different layout options of the line are possible, we can offer a customized arrangement fitting your production space.