Stamping machine (WR-2100-S)

Falu WR-2100-S
Cotton Pads Pack

FALU WR-2100-S with interface is a high performance cotton pads production machine.
The machine has to be combined with a fully automatic packaging machine (i.e. FALU RB-2).
FALU WR-2100-S can produce pads in different formats, with or without stitched edges. The pattern on the surface of the pad can also be chosen with the use of an embossing cylinder, available as separate tool thus enabling embossing of cotton pads with any desired design. Embossing improves the stability of the product and makes it look more attractive.
The cotton pads can be made of the following materials: 100% cotton, 100% rayon or any desired combination of cotton and rayon.

Technical Data
Pad shape round, oval, square, rectangular
Speed up to 6000 pads per minute
Additional options embossing, stitching
Packaging automatic with RB-2 packaging machine
Width of cotton tape max. 330 mm
PLC Controller Siemens