The new CB1

CB1 Family

The CB1 continues the successful modularity concept of the CB family. Along the way you can add functionality  and packaging solutions to your machine making the best use of your initial investment. Additional modules and features are under development continuously and are mostly compatible with the CB-family!


Machine Specifcations of CB1

– Increased productivity through higher speed: the machine is capable of running mechanical speed in excess of 3’100 swabs per minute, operational production speed approx. 2’800-2’900  swabs per minute.

– Improved quality control system ensuring that neither tips nor swabs are missing in the package

– Relevant process parameters like speed, quantity of the starch/water mixture, cotton volume and many others can be controlled  at operation panel with an integrated touchscreen

– Better management of process and operator through availability of actual data from the controller (PLC) of the machine at individual module level. The data can be collected via Ethernet per machine and transmitted into a central computer at the manager’s offce through the modern and proven Siemens  S7/1200 controller with Ethernet connection.

– New design of stick magazine for increased tolerance to the raw Material

– Ergonomic stacking of stick cartons: reloading of the stick  operator possible in any case)

– Automatic up and down movement of the cotton feeder

– Precise control of swab forming through pneumatic pressure  adjustment

– Heating unit on the secondary chain to pre-dry the cotton swabs before packing



Major modules

Dryer: An industrial energy effcient and very compact dryer enables to work with higher moisture content for nicer tips and ensure dry swabs before packaging.


Quality Control: revised quality control system working with a reli- ability of better than 1 ppm.


Hot Melt: Very precise glue application due to high performance unit and specialized Falu-designed glue applying head; application of glue synchronized to the machine speed; universal use of all kind of stick material.


Industry 4.0: The connectivity concept allows collection of machine operating data and transmitting these to Falu via a “data cloud”. This allows remote diagnostics and subsequently precise mainte- nance programs maximising the performance of the machines. A benchmark program comparing machine functionality with peers on an anonymous base further enhances the  continuous improve- ment of processes in the factory.

You set the corner stone of your swab business and keep building in exactly the speed and requirements your business has. We are here to analyse and consider your current needs for the swab production and provide you with more information and advice. Please be in touch with us.