Blister packages (BL-12)

Falu BL-12
Blister Package

The FALU BL-12 is a fully automatic blister package and sealing machine designed to be joined with our cotton swabs CB-1 series. The blister package is a low-cost solution and preferred for large packaging needs. Blister shells are placed automatically onto the turntable in fixed moulds, afterwards cardboard inserts (butterflies) are automatically placed in the blister shells. The shells are then automatically filled by the cotton swab machine with the pre-selected number of swabs. Lastly a back card is automatically placed on top and sealed to the blister shell.

The standard package is 500 swabs, however, packages from 300 to 750 swabs can be produced. The latest development in this area is the use of paper bags to eliminate the plastic.

Technical Data
Packaging type Blister
Speed up to 20 blisters per minute, depending on the packaging size
Covering automatic