Cutting machine (VP-2)

Falu VP-2
Cotton Pads Pack

FALU VP-2 is a semi-automatic square or rectangular cotton pad production machine. The machine begins by pulling cotton (other synthetics are compatible) through the machine from a cotton roll. The machine then pulls the cotton through to an embossing cassette (optional), which is used to create a pattern on the surface of the pad. The embossing option improves stability and allows companies to customize a design to their pad.

From there the cotton or other synthetics is transferred to the stamping unit, where the pads are cut to measure and can be made without waste. Each pad can be cut in different sizes of square and rectangle.

Depending on the size of cotton pads, the machine has a capacity to produce up to 1000 cotton pads per minute. The final product is filled by an operator into the packaging (for example into polyethylene or paper bags).

The cotton pads can be made of the following materials: 100% cotton, 100% rayon or any desired combination of cotton, rayon and other artificial fibre.

Technical Data
Pad shape rectangular and square (without waste)
Speed up to 1000 pads per minute
Pattern embossed
Packaging semi-automatic
Width of cotton tape max. 100 mm