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One of the most common wear parts of the cotton swab machines are the stick carriers. Due to the development of the swab machine in the history of FALU, there are different carrier types used in the different machines. In order to harmonize the different versions and also to prolong the lifetime, FALU is working on a new design suitable for all CT, CS and CB cotton swab machines.

In the interim time, please consider the following part numbers in your requests and orders for carriers:

  • For CS-2500 and CB1 machines the carrier numbers remain the same:
    • 035733 empty
    • 035727 complete
  • For CT-200 and CT-3000 machines please use the following part numbers:
    • 317.922 empty
    • 009.024 complete

We would like to thank all our customs and suppliers for their continued partnership and encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or requests.



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