Stick Competence Center

Paper Sticks

Starting January 1, 2022 we are happy to extend our partnership between Falu AG and Türeller Ltd and introduce the creation of our competence center for the sales and production of paper sticks.

The competence center has been designed to provides our clients competitive price offers, a wider range of solutions and offer material that is best suited for Falu production equipment. These solutions include:

  • Offering already produced and packaged paper sticks available in a variety of sizes and color
  • Providing cut and conditioned paper rolls designed for Falu machines
  • In-line stick making equipment (compatible with other machinery i.e. swab machine)
  • Equipment designed to pack the paper sticks into cardboard boxes
  • …and more!

Falu will continue to manufacture and sell stick machines directly to our customers, where our partner will supply all paper products.

For more information on our competency center and how to proceed with purchasing please contact the below representatives.

Falu AG
Stick machine queries and purchase

Türeller Ltd
Paper product queries and purchase