Falu CB1 Familie

Wattestäbchen Produktionsmaschinen CB1-BK Bulk / CB1-B Basic / CB1-HP High Performance

Up until now swab machines had – if at all – very limited modularity. Once you decided for a machine that was it. There was little to no opportunity to let the machine grow with the needs in accordance with the growth of your business. The CB1 family addresses exactly this shortcoming, amongst many other benefits the family offers. You can start in the swab business with a very basic machine, the CB1 – BK Bulk and extend it to the most sophisticated machine, the CB1 – HP high performance with all available modules. Along the way you can add modules step by step to the basic machine thus making the best use of your initial investment. The table matrix below shows all the possible combinations and all modules currently avail- able; more modules are under develop- ment and are of course compatible with the CB1- family! You set the corner stone of your swab business and keep building in exactly the speed and requirements your business has. We are here to analyse and consider your current needs for the swab production and provide you with more information and advice. Please be in touch with us.